DVD and Online Tuition

Lick Library LogoIf having lessons with a tutor is not what you want, then there are tuition DVDs available that can help. One provider of tuition DVDs is Lick Library.

Lick Library offer DVDs for absolute beginners, right up to advanced players, across all genres. Whether you want to learn a certain style, or songs from a specific artist, there are DVDs to suit your needs.

As well as tuition DVDs, Lick Library offers online lessons and "Jamtrax" for you to learn to play along too. Different levels of membership are also available that give varying levels of access to the resources on offer.

Jam Play LogoJam Play is another provider of online tuition. It offers lessons aimed at the beginner, or, for a specific genre, song or artist. Whatever you want to learn, there are a number of tutors to choose from, each of which has a set of videos covering the material.

Jam Play membership has some additional features including, an online community, so that you can meet likeminded people, resources to help learn chords and scales, as well as "Jamtracks" to play along too.

Another good source of online tuition is YouTube. Here a number of artists, guitar manufacturers and other organisation add videos on a variety of subject to help you improve your guitar playing.