Want to use JavaScript?JavaScript

If you are looking to add some interactivity to your website, then check out the information here.

Updated to include information about Object-Oriented JavaScript.


Thought about learning PHP?PHP

Check out some of the basics of the PHP scripting language, along with links to further resources here.

Updated to include information on string manipulation in PHP.


Interested in speeding up development?User Interface Frameworks

To speed up the development process of websites and web applications, a user interface framework can be used, which provides HTML and CSS templates, and more.


Does your website lack some style?CSS

If you want to make your website stand out from the crowd, learning CSS will help.

Updated to include information about CSS Preprocessors.


Need a database for your web project?Databases

If you want somewhere to store information in your web project then you need to select a database that meets your needs.

Updated to include information about MongoDB.