Introduction to Rust

Rust LogoRust is a multi-paradigm, cross-platform, general-purpose programming language, which first appeared in 2010. It started out as a personal project of an employee at Mozilla in 2006, with Mozilla starting to sponsor the project in 2009. The Rust Foundation was launched in February 2021 by the Mozilla Foundation, along with four other organisations, Amazon Web Services, Google, Huawei, and Microsoft. Today, Rust is backed by a large community that work together to develop the language.

Rust was created to ensure high performance, similar to languages such as C and C++, but with an emphasis on code safety, which lacks in these two languages. It is also said to be blazingly fast, and can power performance critical services, run on embedded devices, as well as provide the ability to integrate with other languages.

The Basics

Below are some of the basics of the Rust programming language.

Useful Stuff