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Port and Vulnerability Scanning


Software and Apps

  • Fing for Android and iOS – Mobile app for network scanning. Discover which devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network, map devices, detect intruders, assess network security risks, troubleshoot network problems and achieve best network performance.
  • Metasploitable 2 – An intentionally vulnerable Linux virtual machine, which can be used to conduct security training, test security tools, and practice common penetration testing techniques.
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) – A software tool released by Microsoft to determine security state by assessing missing security updates and less-secure security settings within Microsoft Windows, Windows components such as Internet Explorer, IIS web server, and products like Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office macro settings.
  • Nessus Home – Allows you to scan your personal home network (up to 16 IP addresses per scanner) with the high-speed, in-depth assessments.
  • Nessus Professional – A vulnerability assessment solution that helps you reduce your organization’s attack surface and ensure compliance.
  • Nmap (“Network Mapper”) – A free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing.
  • OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System, originally known as GNessUs) – A software framework of several services and tools offering vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management.
  • Superscan – Powerful TCP port scanner, pinger, resolver.

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