Introduction to Bash Script

Bash Script is a scripting language that is used for the automation of tasks at the operating system level. It was originally released for the Unix operating system in 1989. As well as being available in Unix, today it is also included in the various different Linux distributions, as well as the macOS operating system. It can also be used in Windows 10, where it is available through the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows a number of command line Linux distributions to be installed as an application.

A Bash Script is stored in a text file with a '.sh' file extension and contains commands, known as shell commands, that can also be run directly on the command line. These scripts can be used for numerous purposes, from simple house-keeping tasks, such as backing up or deleting files, to deploying applications on a number of machines at once and can be written using a simple text editor.

The Basics

Below are some of the basics of Bash Script, including links to further resources.

Useful Stuff