SQL Server

SQL Server LogoSQL Server is a relational database management system that was first released back in 1989 as a joint project between Microsoft, Sybase and Ashton-Tate, to compete with databases such as Oracle, amongst others. This release was available on the OS/2 operating system and was similar in functionality to Sybase SQL Server for the UNIX operating system. SQL Server was first available on the Microsoft Windows operating system with the release of Windows NT in 1993. Around about the same time the partnership dissolved and Microsoft obtained exclusive rights to the versions of SQL Server that were available on Microsoft operating systems.

Today there are a number of different editions of Microsoft SQL Server, each of which is aimed at a different target audience. The editions include a scaled down Express Edition, which is free but has limited features, a Web Edition specifically for use on the web and an Enterprise Edition for large scale projects, amongst others.

To incorporate SQL Server into development project, software such as Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server Reporting Services can be used, along with other third-party software. SQL Server can also be used as part of a Content Management System, an example of which is Umbraco.

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